What inspires you? How can art reflect your life? 

These are questions I’ve asked for more than 40 years. The creative life is a calling that can manifest in many ways and needs to be heeded.

Your environment reflects who you are and art enhances your environment and your well-being.

For me, artistic expression reflects my personal growth. It changes as I transition through the stages of my life.

The change in my artistic perspective has occurred after many years of study, both formally and practically.

My work is like a call and response dance. Compositions are usually very simple using a limited pallet. Less is more in my work.

Sometimes the effect is soft and soulful and at other times dynamic and exciting. I find the less I try to control the outcome, the happier I am with the result.

My intent in creating art is to express my interpretation of my inner and outer journey. Painting is an introspective practice that allows me to expand my understanding of the world. When people respond to my work I am grateful for the invisible yet powerful connection that is established. It is a joy I love to share.

You can find me in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My artwork is collected across Canada, Europe and New Zealand. 

Let’s connect: Instagram @rlfitzpatrickfineart and Pinterest/ ronalynnfitzpatrick